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Northeast Tennis Center

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Junior Tennis at Northeast Tennis Center

The juniors who play at Northeast Tennis Center are an integral part of our tennis family.  Each and every member of our staff prides themselves on not only developing the tennis ability of our Pee-Wee through High School players, but also developing juniors as individuals.  Northeast Tennis Center works to improve not only tennis skills of our juniors, but also their level of competitiveness, sportsmanship, and attitude.  Many of the juniors at our club have joined Northeast at the Pee-Wee level, trained with us through their high school and college tennis careers, and have continued as members of our family as employees.  We strive to provide a positive atmosphere for all of our players. 

At the bottom of the page you will find our 2020-2021 scheduling and pricing information. 

Pee Wee's (4 to 6 Years Old)

Our Pee Wee program is designed to give 4-6 year olds an introduction to tennis.  Our staff’s focus is to ensure that the Pee Wee’s have a positive and enjoyable experience so they will continue on to the next level.  The basics of tennis strokes and form are taught, and fun and exciting drills and games are played to ensure our Pee Wee’s have the best possible experience.

Beginner/Advanced Beginner (Ages 7 & Up)

We offer several Beginner/Advanced Beginner classes per week.  Our staff focuses on teaching our juniors the correct fundamentals of tennis, including form, rules, sportsmanship and competition.  We utilize numerous drills that develop the correct strokes and form that will be the basis for a lifetime of tennis.  This level is extremely important in ensuring juniors begin on the right foot and are set-up for success.

Intermediates (Ages 10 & Up)

Our intermediate classes are also offered several times per week.  Our intermediate juniors have solid basic strokes and not only can keep the ball in play but can also place shots around the court.  These juniors can place the serve with some accuracy, so the focus is not only to improve upon strokes and accuracy, but also to begin to develop point play strategy.  Our staff also focuses on sportsmanship and attitude with these up and coming juniors.

Junior Team Training

Our juniors who take part in these classes have developed strokes and have the ability to use a variety of shots including lobs, overheads, approach shots and have some success volleying.  They have developed a consistent serve and can put together points during match play.  They have both good singles and doubles knowledge, and are working on developing match play concepts and prowess.   Attitude, sportsmanship, and competitiveness are the focus as we strive to develop these juniors into successful competitors.  Our staff strives to help this group continue on to the next level with the ultimate goal of a successful high school career and possible beyond.   Our junior team members also compete in North Shore League matches.

Tournament Training

Our tournament training players are on track to become successful high school players.  They have mastered the use of different shots with a variety of spins and power.   They feel comfortable coming to the net and volleying, or finishing points from the baseline.  They have developed strong court awareness and anticipation.  Our staff focuses on improving not only their strokes, consistency, power and footwork, but also their match playing IQ.  We challenge our players to think about the best way to put points together and how to beat their opponent.  These juniors compete in USTA sanctioned events with some frequency and have the ultimate goal of playing college tennis.

High School Training

This class is for our high school players who want to continue their training for high school tennis in the offseason.  The focus is to keep our junior’s skills honed throughout the entire year, continuing to develop successful match play habits, and offering the opportunity to drill and compete throughout the year.  Please see below for days and times for this exciting new class!

North Shore League Varsity & Junior Varsity

Northeast is proud to offer a North Shore Junior Travel Team. Boys and Girls interested in competitive singles and doubles are welcome to participate. The age group categories for North Shore League Matches are as follows:  One singles player in the 12 & Under, 14 & Under, 16 & Under, and 18 & Under; two doubles players in the 12 & Under, 14 & Under, 16 & Under, and 18 & Under.  A schedule will be handed out to each player signed up for our clinics.  Players will be asked to play matches according to clinic level beginning with the highest level.  Players from the Tournament Training Group will be asked to play first, followed by the Junior Team Group and if necessary the Intermediate Group. Matches are played on Saturday afternoon. We ask our players to be available as much as possible from mid-September through mid-April (No matches during vacation and holiday weeks). Membership is a requirement for participation in the North Shore League Travel Team Program regardless of age. 

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